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Wilson Photography was founded by Marquita Wilson.  They are a licensed agency that provides children’s photography services in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.  Wilson Photography was birth into her heart for the purpose of capturing special moments and creating great memories. Their core vision can be summed up in two words “moments and memories.”  They […]

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TRU Teen Magazine is a publication of Examples Family Resources, Inc. that is dedicated to providing information to middle/jr. and high school girls that contributes to their development of healthy self-worth and positive self-esteem. Technologies Used Wordpress PHP Javascript

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Dr. Ducasse has a reputation of one full of compassion and one who truly cares. She has obtained excellent results. She is experienced in adjusting infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly, athletes, very obese patients, AIDS patients and cancer patients. Dr. Ducasse is also experienced in caring for all types of injuries including car accidents, […]

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Anita D. DelPrete, PH.D is an author and lecturer. Her passion is educating others on the role of nutrition with respect to health, fitness, and disease prevention. She holds a master’s in holistic nutrition and doctorate in natural health sciences. Technologies Used Wordpress PHP Javascript